We publish our concepts to inform potential partners to join. For several projects, we're still looking for dedicated partner companies to join the project. Partners join with knowledge and expertise. Partners are investing by doing what they do best. Mostly we're not looking for financial investors only.

1. Experts in home experience

Like you are on the tribune at the Grand Prix, Tour the France, a concert or any other major event or broadcasted show.  Tribune at home will transform your living room as you were actually live on the scene. 
We'll bring any event into the living room. Like  Hello Fresh of party time.

2. Open Hire Agency

Score on the Global Goals. Feel better to open opportunities for people who wants to  leave the past behind. 
We recruit, payroll and support the first in line to work with a company.  Without background check, without any assumptions to boost self confidence. 

3. Innercity building, homes on garages

Our concept is developing a prefab system to lift cottages on existing "garagebox park" in domestic areas.  No waste of land, no wast  of valuable space. Sustainable building, giving singles a place to live. 

4. Sales for eternity

Transfer the world into your showroom. Put a sales QR code on your products and potential clients are scanning and ordering your product instantly on your website. 
Because websites are flexible, QR codes often ending up in "page does not exist" errors. Sales for eternity will solve this problem, year after year.  4. 

5. QR dating

Just for fun we sell T-shirts, with a unique QR code.  People can connect this QR code to their Instagram, TikTok or Facebook  account. You like me?  Like me! 

6. Abassadors program for recruitment

The war on talent is on. Appoint ambassadors in your organisation directly involved in the department of the vacancy. An applicant want to know how from people involved. Via special infrastructure applicants can talk to employees/ ambassadors. To get direct information of the job. 

Dare to Share your ideas?

Do you want to share your ideas with potential companies to join. Take the chance. Your ideas may be unique, but every idea needs a lot of sweat and tears to bring to life. You know every in and out of your idea so copying won't be easy. Dare to share and to invite specialists to join.