Full partners

What do we mean by full partners

We're looking for companies with great expertise and network, the wil to innovate, disrupt or just having fun in starting something new with other companies together. Companies are much more effective than startups. Companies are way ahead of startups by network and knowledge. 
A full partner is a company which is critical for the succes of the projects. Most projects need 3-5 partners including Bob Concepts.

Real estate company

For one of our projects we're searching for companies with a wide network in corparate real estate. For example brokers, traders, and real estate companies. European network would be favourable. 

Uitzendbureau- payrollbedrijf

Are you driven for the Global Goals of the United Nations, a better world for us all. Then please contact us. We're looking for a full partner as a payroll company to be member of our bnew Concept Global Goals Staffing Agency. We want to help our clients to reach the Goals. For companies with cold feet. 


For our housing project and staffing project we need lobyists on provincial and .communitylevel for the promotion of our concepts. The Lobby organisation will be full partner in the project. 

Media company on Recruitment

For our recruitment solution we are looking for directories, aggregators of media companies specialised on recruitment of employees.  This firm has a huge network to promote and sell the solution. 

Social Media promotors/ experts

Do you want to cheer up The Netherlands.  Become a full partner of the Home Experience Group. Boost every Experience to the max on the socials. Before, during and after the Experience. We're looking for a company who already offers promtion on scocial media to others and who likes to join a new startup. 

Developer companies

Developer companies who like partner in a company are welcome to join. We offer developer full partnership in the projects, For the ambassadors on recruitment and the QR initiatives we're looking for developers to join. 

Investment manager

Our building initiative needs a lot of financial input (money ;-)) . Is your company expert in getting property projects financed? Join as a partner. For most of the projects we work with expert-companies instead of financial investments to be burned by starters. The development and building the housing concept is too big to finance ourselfs or by our partners.  

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